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25 decembrie 2017

I have wings but I can’t fly
I have eyes but I am blind
I have a mouth but I can’t taste
I have a heart but no heart rates.


I don’t have wings but I can fly
When I look above the sky
When I see you in my dreams
I can fly, I don’t need wings.


I can see without my eyes
A shining star on the darkest sky
I see love deep in my heart
I am lost and you are far.


I have tasted but I don’t know
Is it you or just a blow
Just a whisper in my head
Lost in seconds that just passed.


I’m alive but also dead
All it happened in my head
All the love I have for you
I don’t know,
It’s false or true?
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  1. Feedback pls….

    Comment prin Toni Sao — 25 decembrie 2017 @ 21:16

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